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Established in California, USA, MultiBank Group is one of the world’s largest online financial derivative providers since 2005. The group supervises 11 financial regulators worldwide and has direct access to 20 interbank trading prices.


The group approached us for building its crypto exchange website “MEX Digital” as a part of its plan to promote cryptocurrency trading. This included designing infrastructure from scratch.

Alongside advanced functionalities, the stakeholders wanted a unique design with an appealing User Experience so they could retain most of the traffic they got, and ultimately grow their business.

Creating Life-Time Digital Experiences

The Challenge

Our team faced a challenging task to contribute in the various domains of a Baas solution. From devising the best design ideas to managing the integrations, and delivering the website within the given timeframe, it was a challenge.

We had to collaborate with the blockchain experts and synchronized the front-end with the back-end with great care and expertise to avoid conflicts. Throughout the project, we had to maintain seamless communication with all stakeholders.

Our Solution

Our team analyzed the UXs/UIs of the best performing crypto exchanges and incorporated the best ideas in Mex Digital’s interface. With informative onboarding and explanations on all pages, we ensured that the user gets a clear idea about what the website offers.

Further, we developed eye-catching forms wherever necessary for the user’s convenience. For the ease of trading, we integrated different payment options including PayPal, VISA, and UnionPay. To ensure 100% security, we installed necessary plugins and tested the platform as a user to double-check the security.

From Development To Database Integration & Other Tasks

Our Experts Executed Everything With Great Perfection

Core Technologies

Today, Mex Digital has 320k customers and more than 30 offices worldwide.