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"Top Web Development Company in USA."




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"Top Web Development Company in USA."

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Case Study

Jino provides on-demand car care anywhere in Dubai. To expand their digital reach, Jino hired our mobile app development company for the design and development of their mobile app. Jino’s mobile app features advanced options such as search, request, and washer reviews for its sustainability.


PicPax Nutrition

Case Study:

PicPax’s mission is to promote healthy eating and fitness. To grow their online user base and engage with their clients, Picpax hired our mobile application development services. Our mobile app developers laid down a solid development strategy and created a magnificent UX/UI along with an intelligent algorithm to answer user queries.



Case Study:

Injazat is one of the leading corporate groups in the UAE providing management and consultation services in various domains. Our team was trusted to perform an all-important job of the design and development of their official app. One of the key highlights of this project was an intelligent chatbot that answers user queries on its own.

Exceptional Mobile App Development Services

Did you know that 70% of the time spent on digital media is completed in an app? Indeed, people today are hooked on their mobile phones. There are 5.32 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today, which means around 80% of the global population owns a smartphone. Businesses no longer solely rely on their website to engage their audience and drive sales – a well-designed mobile app can do the same!

A mobile application lets you provide more value to each customer by making your goods and services more accessible and easy to use. At the same time, you can create and track orders from the comfort of your home, and provide a personalized mobile experience so people can make more informed decisions. This builds trust and boosts credibility, too.

And if you are eager to strengthen your brand identity, having a mobile application is a must. With these applications, you can boost brand awareness and sustain a flourishing relationship with your consumers. Moreover, mobile applications entail the luxury of loyalty programs. All in all, investing in a mobile application brings a massive ROI – when done strategically!

To design and develop your personalized mobile application, you don’t need to go anywhere. Digital Gravity offers mobile app development services including cross-platform mobile app development. Our mobile application development services are one of the best in the USA. From Android mobile applications to iOS apps designed for iPhone users and apps for Windows phones, we create all. Our mobile app development company takes pride in creating apps that run on multiple platforms like native apps.

What makes us one of the best mobile application development companies in the USA is our talented team of developers and our full decade of experience in creating cutting-edge mobile solutions. Over the years our mobile app developers have worked on some extremely complex projects, therefore we are in the right position to work on extraordinary ideas. Our mobile app developers are proficient in the use of some of the advanced frameworks and technology stacks, which is why we are able to deliver high-end apps for our clients. If you need one for your business, get in touch with us today.

Bespoke Mobile App Development Services

Our app development team can create exactly the app you have envisioned for your brand, for all devices and screen sizes. Our services cover:

Android App Development

Tired of searching “app developers near me” for your Android application? Don’t worry, we will create a customs Android application for your business. Whether you need an Android app for B2B business or B2C, or an app for enterprise-level organization, our team will turn your idea into reality.

From custom Android app development to ecommerce Android development, wearable Android development to Android game development, and everything in between, you can hire us for great results!

iOS Development

Native iOS development is one of the core services Digital Gravity offers. We are passionate about mobile application development and as a company have become experts in combining functionality and world-class design to make your app stand out on the Apple Store.

Our mobile app developers are proficient in creating cross-platform mobile app development as well as apps for a wide range of iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. So, for whichever platform you want to create an app or whatever your needs are, we have got you covered!

Native Mobile Apps

Native mobile applications are the ones that are developed for a specific platform, such as iOS, Android, or Windows phone. Our mobile application development services design high-performance native mobile applications for our clients.

Our team follows different specific guidelines for each of the platforms so your app meets the quality standards and abides by the rules and regulations set by the platform – Apple Store or Play Store.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Are you looking for someone to design a cross-platform application for your business? Our mobile app developers will do that! A cross-platform application works on all devices, that’s why they prove to be a lot cheaper than creating a native application for each device.

We take an innovative approach that includes business analysis, design and development, QA testing, implementation, and everything in between. In the end, you get a high-performance app to entertain your prospective customers across all devices.

Why Choose Us for Your App?

We take pride in claiming ourselves as one of the mobile application development services in the USA. What makes us different from other mobile application development companies is our honesty, transparency, and dedication to every project. People choose us because we offer what no one else offers. It’s hard to match the quality of our experts who live and breathe mobile experiences. Here are some of the primary reasons why people choose us:


Our apps are scalable because we create apps that deliver performance and ensure interoperability. Further, our apps keep margin in their architecture so new technologies and protocols can be easily added in the future.


Whatever we create is exceptional in terms of performance. Our mobile app development company creates system architectures that guarantee optimal working across all mobile devices. We achieve this by adopting an approach that facilitates the lowest overhead.


A mobile app’s security remains a big concern for business owners as well as mobile app development services. We ensure that our apps are secure because during the development process no security factor is compromised from our end. Our app development team employs a mobile security paradigm that finds the right balance between usability and mitigation of any security threat.

User Experience

User Experience can make or break your business. If the User Experience isn’t gripping and user-friendly, you can’t acquire customers. Our app development team in the USA follows a user-centric approach to building gratifying mobile experiences coupled with remarkable features that outshine others.


We don’t rely on the built-in features but to meet your requirements, we create everything from scratch. If you are looking to offer such a mesmerizing experience that none of your competitors can match, hire us. We’ll make it happen for you!


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Today, all healthcare providers need an online platform to interact with their prospective audience. Our mobile app developers in the USA have designed some great User Experiences for renowned healthcare organizations in the Middle East.


AI and blockchain technology are prevalent today. While creating apps based on emerging technologies is a challenge, our mobile app developers are always up for complex projects. We have designed several intelligent apps and websites for our respected clients from various industries.


If you are in the education industry, a mobile application will put you ahead of the competition. We designed and developed some amazing digital products, including mobile applications, to allow educational institutions to virtually interact with their students and sell courses online.

The Process

App development is quite a tricky process. Errors are inevitable. But we take a sophisticated approach to keep the whole process streamlined and mitigate any chances of errors.



  • On-boarding sessions

  • Documenting requirements

  • Analyzing key objectives

  • Agreeing on deliverables


UI Design

  • Creating prototypes

  • Submission for review

  • Implementing feedback

  • Getting client approval



  • Coding

  • Testing

  • Bug fixing

  • Final product ready



  • Deployment

  • Gathering feedback

  • Fixing undetected bugs

  • Post-deployment support


How do I find app developers near me in the USA?

Instead of searching on Google “app developers near me”, hire Digital Gravity for all your app development needs. We offer bespoke app development services all over the USA.

How much do you charge for mobile app development?

It depends on the size of the app and the device for which you are creating. On average, a well-designed app in the USA can cost you up to $100,000.

Should I invest in cross-platform app development or native app development?

Though cross-platform apps prove a lot cheaper, we’d still recommend you to get native apps as they are superior in terms of performance.

I want to hire your mobile app development services, but only for the app design. Will you work on it?

Even if you want to hire us only for the designing of your app, we'd be more than happy to work on your app’s design. However, we’d suggest you hire the same app development company in the USA for both design and development.

Do you use Java or Kotlin for Android app development?

Though Java has been around for a while, Kotlin has replaced it recently as the de facto Android app development language. We, too, prefer to use Kotlin. However, if required, we can create your app using Java, too!

How long does it take to create an iOS application?

It can take 3 to 4 months to develop an iOS app that is ready for public release.

Do you offer post-deployment support?

Yes, our mobile app development company offers up to 3 months of free support. If there are any bugs found in the app, or small changes need to be made, we’ll happily fix those.

Why should I hire Digital Gravity when I have several other mobile application development companies in the USA that are more experienced?

Not only do we offer the best price for app development, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction with the work remains our top priority. If you have any doubts, just visit our office in your state and get all confusion cleared.

Should I invest in a website or mobile app development?

A website comes before a mobile app. If you don’t have a website yet, create one before you aim to target mobile users. The good news is, Digital Gravity can design your website as well. If you need one, just fill out the form and our web consultants will call you the same day.

Will you help me with my mobile app’s promotion?

Yes, if you need our assistance in ASO optimization, our digital marketing experts will help you out. We can also offer you a lump sum quote for both app development and ASO optimization.

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