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corporate identity agency

Corporate Identity.

We Define, Redefine, Develop & Cultivate Your Corporate Brand

At Digital Gravity, we do it with consistency to uplift your brand and portray it with clear guidelines, marketing elements and crisp design that’s a mirror image.

From logo design and typography to toning and unbeatable social media presence, Digital Gravity covers every aspect to develop your brand identity that clearly communicates the corporate message, vision and mission to the wider user-base.

As a leading branding and communications company in New York, we give your brand the space to shine in the limelight with a distinct proposition and position.

Our professionals excels at creating a super powerful and impressionable brand from scratch or breathe new life into existing ones to sail across the tides of success.

We have had the privilege to work with some of the world’s most high-profile brands, promising yours to be the next in the list.

We make you heard & actively visible in the intense competition on the digital frontier.

Competitive & Unique
Inspire Leadership
Broad Reach & Exposure
Audience Centric