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One of the Leading investment conference and exhibition events feature latest developments in finance, banking, environment and renewable energy. At Digital Gravity, we were approached by the Sharjah FDI Forum and tasked to deliver a highly interactive and responsive website that had to represent Sharjah as a tourist, economy, leisure, culture and business destination in the UAE. The website’s prime objective was to drive foreign investment for a better lifestyle and improved economy.

The website amplifed user-experience

OUR Strategy

The platform has been developed using an open source CMS which allowed the Sharjah FDI Forum team to manage and publish programmes the moment they’re documented and updated. The website elegantly managed connectivity and accessibility issues in under-developed areas that included implementing different levels of devices, bandwidth and browsers.

Our approach

Digital Gravity developed a rich and compelling user-experience, supported by real-time images, videos and text. Core focus was to engage and amplify audience experience with detailed sections, image galleries and animated videos.

The website placed content on the centre stage, supported off-screen navigation and combined detailed background with video loops and photography; reflected to the signature programmes and key events in Sharjah.

Any app,any screen.

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