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The Challenge

Shurooq wished to redefine its digital approach, attract foreign investment and higher sales leads. As an agency, Digital Gravity executed the design and development for an unparalleled user experience, an intuitive search functionality and implemented elements to boost conversions.

First-class experience corresponded to amazing user experience and exceptional conversions

OUR Strategy

Digital Gravity closely worked with unique brand guidelines by designing and developing 12+ websites along with a Digital Platform which would manage all tours activities-related packages across Sharjah. Use of exciting colour combinations resulted in unique website sections, being cleaner, clearer and simpler that focused on Shurooq’s valuable projects.

We also customised landing pages from SEO perspective which boosted organic traffic, optimised page performance and achieved a higher score in Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

We developed a clear and precise market appraisal request to help users access more relevant and quality information in a streamlined manner. The solution also enabled Shurooq to track all the profitable leads, customer preferences, site searches and on-page engagement activities thus giving the client a competitive edge over others.

Our approach

Personalisation was at the core of the digital strategy which delivered first-class experience. The website then included tailored content which corresponded to the returning visitors against their product preferences and browsing behaviour. Geographical customisation further empowered the website for amazing user experience and exceptional conversion.

Responsive Design, Perfect Pixels

Shurooq’s website carries responsive design that fits perfectly to all display screens for better user-experience, everytime.

Mobile revenue growth: 50%

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