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The Challenge

Suzuki Auto Sports LLC is a key distributor of Suzuki Motorcycles, Marine Outboard Motors & ATVs in the UAE. Suzuki had a unique challenge to have a Centralised Management across its regional markets and content.

Modernised Content Management system aligned with core business objectives.

OUR Strategy

Digital Gravity was selected as a strategic digital partner to enhance Suzuki’s online presence. Our approach was versatile which ensured modern technology go hand-in-hand with the core business objectives.

Digital Gravity covered the following milestones:

  • Information Architecture (IA) planning through development of an interactive wireframe prototypes.
  • A fully responsive website design based on the latest trends and technology, usability and corporate objectives that aligned perfectly with Suzuki’s branding guidelines.
  • Website design and development based on W3C rules, compatible with a range of browsers.
  • Successfully implemented a user-friendly CMS across all sections of the website.
  • A fully supportive platform with bug maintenance and resolution features, latest functionalities and much more.
  • Incorporated social media channels supported by a well-defined and structured email marketing strategy for each of the regional website.

Our approach

Suzuki approached Digital Gravity to modernise and restructure its online digital strategy, aiming to emerge as a leading automotive brand on the online platform. We embedded regional websites into a single Content Management system, a control engine that can automatically distribute content along with essential marketing assets across all the websites.

A digital transformation and remodified website and app for desktop and mobile

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