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"Top Web Development Company in USA."




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"Top Web Development Company in USA."

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Case Study

PicPax is for people who are eager to get fitter by eating well. Our creative UX/UI experts were tasked to devise an intuitive and graphically pleasing interface for the application. We took the client’s preferences and inspirations into account and accordingly designed the new look of the application.



Case Study:

Jino offers on-demand car care anywhere in Dubai. It approached us to work on its upcoming app and improve its user experience for the ease of its users. Our team understood the company’s business model, studied their audience and their needs, and accordingly redesigned Jino’s interface.



Case Study:

Playa offers multiple sports venues equipped with various amenities all across Dubai. The brand hired us to create an intuitive user interface from scratch complemented by a compelling user experience to entertain their visitors. Our team conducted in-depth research and designed a fresh look for their website that amazed the stakeholders.

Trusted Web Design Company in New York City

Your website’s design is the first expression of your brand to your prospective customers. With a visually appealing website design, you can make a name for yourself and establish a unique online identity. On the other hand, if the design isn’t good and the User Experience is poor, you will not get the desired results no matter how good your product or service is. More than 70% of web designers believe that a non-responsive design is a top reason why visitors leave a website. Moreover, 75% of website credibility comes from design. So if you are an online entrepreneur, let this fact sink in: Your website’s design can make or break your business.

But the trouble is, as an entrepreneur, you may not be aware of the complexities associated with creating a website’s design. Nor do you know how to design a powerful website – all you have are some inspirations. And they should be enough to show the way forward. If you are looking for skilled and talented website designers in New York City, you are at the right place. Digital Gravity is a web design company in New York City that specializes in website design and development, and branding. We work with small businesses as well as businesses starting out and starting over. Our clientele consists of luxury brands, retailers, banks, and boutiques. As one of the leading web design services in New York City, Digital Gravity believes in producing creative that captures hearts, inspires minds, and delivers business results.

Our in-house team of web designers in New York City goes the extra mile to make sure all your objectives are met, and you get the possible results from your website. We make it our priority to understand your business so we can provide the most effective web design and make your business a discerning figure – no matter how saturated the market is. For ambitious clients like you, Digital Gravity is the go-to agency for web design and development in New York City.

Designing powerful web solutions is at the heart of our business i.e., web design and development in New York City. Our team of talented web designers maintains a fresh and innovative approach to both designing and programming. From initial planning and wireframing to the finished product, we keep your preferences in mind.

Why Digital Gravity For Web Design & Development in New York City?

Digital Gravity is the name of the trust. Our honesty and transparency set us apart. Whatever we do is in the best interest of our clients. Our web design company in New York City offers a wealth of experience to every project we work on. Our staff is adept in every area and skill required to execute your requirements in a neat manner and design a successful business website.

Several talented web designers are a part of our web design agency in New York City, they are up to scratch on all the latest web programming languages and stacks. They stay on the cutting edge of website design trends, thus they are able to carve out a modern look for your website.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

To survive and thrive in the fast-moving world where people are hooked to their mobile phones, you need a mobile-friendly website. No longer do people stay on static websites which are not designed for small devices. If the look and feel of the website aren’t good, you will lose a huge chunk of visitors.

As one of the leading web design companies in New York City, Digital Gravity creates mobile-friendly web designs. Our web design company in New York City creates websites that perform as well on mobile as they do on desktops.

Once the design is ready, our QA experts will weigh the design and its performance on all kinds of small and big screens. We’ll make sure your website looks perfect on all screens and runs well across all devices.

An Appealing User Interface

User Interfaces are the features of your web that allow a user to interact with it. Your website’s interface is of immense importance. That first impression your prospect gets when he/she lands on your website sets the tone for the rest of the journey.

We create powerful user interfaces that are easy on the eyes and make your prospect’s interaction with your website a pleasant experience. Our web design for small businesses in New York City helps them scale up in a short period of time by keeping their audience engaged.

Whatever we create is designed in a way to display the services that you offer without any ambiguity; it draws your visitor in and keeps them on your site. It will turn your potential visitor as it focuses on the aesthetics as well as the responsiveness, efficiency, and accessibility of the website.

A Compelling User Experience

It requires great expertise to create a User Experience that drives people to take action. A UX revolves around fulfilling the user’s needs, and if they aren’t fulfilled, you know they will leave your website in a huff.

As one of the leading web design companies in New York City, Digital Gravity aims to provide positive experiences to your visitors so they stay loyal to your brand. Our web design services in New York City are different from the rest because we rely on data and leverage human psychology to create powerful experiences.

Our website designers in New York City will design a meaningful user experience that will define the customer journey on your website and pave the way for your business’s success.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is a KPI through which we evaluate our quality of work and determine success level. So, for whatever service you hire us, rest assured that we’ll do everything possible to meet your expectations.

When required, our team for web design for small businesses in New York City will revise the design until you are satisfied with it.


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When it comes to web design and development, we have served several big names working globally in the automotive industry. Creativity is our bread and butter; every design and user experience liked by our client gives us a sense of satisfaction.

Real Estate

Real estate businesses are quite conscious of their digital face i.e., their website’s design. Due to our vast experience in creating websites for several real estate companies, we know what makes people tick. Our web designs are neat, stunning, and visually appealing.


Several manufacturers are part of our growing clientele. Their expectations are always high and they expect us to create out-of-the-box designs to help them stand out. We feel proud to claim that every time they hired us we lived up to their expectations and amaze them with our concepts.

The Process

We are a web design agency in New York City that follows a proven process to deliver exceptional digital products. Here’s how we do it:



  • Business analysis

  • Documenting specifications

  • Preparing wireframes

  • Getting Client approval


Initial Design

  • Crafting prototypes

  • Presenting to client

  • Feedback

  • Proposing changes



  • Making changes

  • Testing

  • Implementing feedback

  • Evaluating changes


Final Design

  • Client feedback

  • Changes

  • Approval

  • Design ready


How much do website designers in New York City charge for a single website?

The price of web design services in New York City depends on the size of the website. The more pages it has the higher the cost will be. On average, a basic web design costs between $1000 to $10,000.

How much will a web design agency in New York charge for creating a responsive website?

For a responsive website, web design and development in New York City agencies charge from $10,000 to $75,000, depending on your needs.

Do you offer web design for small businesses in New York City?

As one of the leading web design companies in New York City, we serve both large-scale as well as small businesses in New York City with our web design services.

Do you offer discounts to small businesses?

If you are looking for web design for small businesses in New York City, get in touch. For start-ups and businesses still in the early stages, we offer discounts if they take multiple services from us.

Does your web design and development in New York also cover UX/UI designing services?

User Experience remains a vital element to your success in the online world. At Digital Gravity, we have User Experience experts who can make your website and services usable, enjoyable, and accessible.

What tools does your web design agency in New York City use for web design and development in New York City?

For front-end design and development, we use:
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • jQuery
  • Angular.js
  • Figma
  • Canva
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Marvel
  • Affinity

Do your web design services in New York City also cover graphic design?

We are a full-service digital agency. So for content marketing, we do offer infographics, animations, and graphic design services.

Why should I hire your web design companies in New York City?

We offer the best quotes, excellent quality of services, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experience and honesty set us apart. If you hire Digital Gravity, you will be working with web design professionals with decades of experience and out-of-the-box ideas.

How should I select the best web design services from hundreds of web design companies in New York City?

Weigh the portfolio of each company, compare them, get a quote, and pick the best option within your budget.

Can you customize a WordPress theme?

Yes, our web designers and developers in New York City can create a custom theme for your use from scratch as well as customize a theme if required.

I’m not happy with my website’s current look. I want to hire someone to modify its look.

If you are looking for talented website designers in New York City to improve the design of your website, hire our experts. We’ll not only improve its design but also fine-tune the User Experience.

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